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Jun 7, 2009
Well um hi ya`ll! Ok that was dumb >.> Well yea, I am nintendo fan boy (in need of wii points haha), I am a pretty good D/P/Pt battler/brawler, and uh yea (man I suck at intros.) Well if you have any questions, feel free to ask.
I just saw you in another thread, but welcome to the forums either way! :)

I'm no expert competitive battler in DPP, but I'm still a competent trainer. I'd be happy to have some battles some time, just PM me and we can set something up whenever.

If you saw my sig, you probably noticed I'm a brawler as well. Again, not a competitive brawler (that was back in the day :p), but I'm still an able fighter. Again, PM me if you want a match or two, and I'd be happy to.

And now, ofcourse, as I ask everyone, would you mind reading the rules? Thanks in advance. :)

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