Hi everyone


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Apr 8, 2009
Well, I'm new, hoping to talk to you guy
I also got a copy of Pokemon Diamond the other day (i know a bit late since platinum is about to be released) anyway hoping people will trade and battle.

see you guys
Hey, welcome to Wiichat! Hope you enhjoy the forums.

I'm a bit of a pokemaniac myself. You're really missing out on Platinum, though... If you're in the US, it was already released on the 22nd last month. Platinum's tons better than Diamond, really.

Anyhow, as I ask everyone, would you mind reading the rules? Thanks. :)

^ Rules/FAQ
welcome to wiichat anyway.

its pretty boring most times,
and youll find alot of argumentative people but it can be entertaining eitherway.

good luck in the forums!

If you're referring to me, GiGi, you don't see me starting something right now, do you? :p

I wouldn't say the forum has as many annoying people as GiGi states, whether or not I'm one of them. :p This place is relatively welcoming, with a few "bumps" here and there.

I don't agree with the boring part either. Wiichat isn't the most active forum, but there's plenty of interesting topics to post in. If it was boring, you wouldn't see people from 2007 still around. :lol:
as a matter of fact you are slightly fitting into that catogary of argumentative people.
but yes this is, as far as im aware, only in my oppion.
I also would say that this was my personal oppinion on the site,
and supposably didnt need such disagreement directed into my way.

on the plus side the general arguments are entertaining.

and i admit i was incorrect when i stated alot that was over dramatic..
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thanks for you welcome
I'm sure I can handle myself in the forums:)