Hi, I'm having trouble with my connection to the Internet...


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Jul 27, 2009
When I try to play Guitar Hero Smash Hits and play with others It says I need to go to the Wii settings.

So I did. But when I tried to connect it said this: "Error:51032"

Can anyone explain what that means?

P.S. I'm new here.

First have you tried going to Nintendo and entering the error in the error box?
Error codes are not specific to a single cause however yours means your settings maybe wrong, or your Wii is not compatible with the router, any number of problems.

Best thing is to start from scratch. Turn off your wii (till power light is red not yellow). Power cycle the router and modem if you have one (unplug both from the elec.) Turn off all computers.
Wait 2-3 mins
In this order : Plug modem back in wait until all lights are on. Then plug in the router. When all the lights on the router are on turn on the Wii.
Go to internet settings and do a connection test. If you cant connect clear all the settings for that connection and re-enter them.
Everything has to be exactly the same as the router. SSID, password etc. being sure to save them after entering. If you need help with the settings post back here with your router info.

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