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Future Wii Owner
Jul 19, 2006
Well I pre orderd the Wii today and I decided I would Joina Wii forum to hype me up for its realese! So excited! :)
Great to have another nice, well spoken, intelligent member on this forum.:)

I wanted to thank you again for making one of your first posts on this site in defense of what this site is all about: Wii.

Togg better not show his face around here again.
wait wait wait! you preordered the Wii? WHERE?! i had to put my name on a calling list to be called when preorders were avalable. after what happened with the 360 (i still got a 360 on launch but only because i was 2nd person to preorder :D), i dont want to miss the Wii on launch (especialy since ill have 2 new games waiting to be played :( )
Very good, new faces... and not some retard MAGGOT faces as the Togg ones... he should have 45 years and live with his mother
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If you want to no were to pre order it Toys r us THat were i did it!
Good luck everyone on pre ordering
the moron who signed last night just to start a fight saying the wii sucks and nintendo is horrible
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