Hockey Games for the Wii


The Crusher
May 21, 2006
Sports Games for the Wii

How sweet is it gonna be for anyone who is athletic or plays any sports for this controller. This system should attract many athletes with its sensor in the controller. Especially hockey players, taking slapshots and wristshots with the controller is gonna be sick. Golf and tennis I think will also be great with the controller, but hockey will definantly be the best.
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I'd like to see some very unique controllers. I know not everyone is made of money but have you guys ever played guitar hero on PS2? Its like $60-$70 but it comes with a GUITAR for a controller. Its SOOOO much fun. It would be awesome to have a bat/club/hockey stick controller. Of course someone is going to take out their ceiling fan :D
I actually see that as a problem though. Nintendo had three different controls sets at E3. Shooting, regular and virtual. I believe that if you introduce more styles that it would get to confusing. I mean the regular wiimote would suit all the sports titles. That guitar game does sound cool though.
That is a good point I think it is going to be a ton of fun to be able to get into the game much more then you can with the modern systems.
The whole interactive movement with the wiimote will be heaps fun! Just like playing the real sport! Can't wait. :D
Playing hockey on Wii would be the next step forward to actual Hockey simulation. Same thing for other games like football, golf, tennis and others.

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