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Jul 18, 2009
This topic is to throw the idea out there of a Hogwarts (School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the Harry Potter books and films)MMORPG. I personally feel that this would be a best seller, as proven by recent book and movie sales. It would be available on all consoles, but I believe it would be most fitting on the Wii as I will later prove. Some might say that the Harry Potter fan-base is not the type to play videogames, however I consider myself a hardcore gamer with a Wii and 360. I have played and beaten Zelda, Metroid Prime 3, Halo 3, and countless other games. Yet, I am a huge Harry Potter fan, for I don't read the books just see the films; I know many people feeling the same way as me. So I really feel that sales wouldn't be a problem, as long as it's made correctly.

In the beginning of the game you would be able to create/customize your character almost as you would in Sims titles. You would chose a name, not username, for names could be repeated and wouldn't have to include numbers after your name that makes it look foolish. Then, you would be able to choose if you are a Pure-Blood, Half-Blood, or Muggle-Born. Next, you have your school supplies list and go shopping for them at Diagon Alley until you're ready to enter the school. After meeting in the Great Hall, you will answer a series of questions that will ultimately sort you into one of the four houses: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw. Once you have been sorted, you will be escorted to your house's common room and be able to look around. Soon after this you will be able to pick which classes you want to take and when. You're character will have levels of certain fields like: Spells, Flying, Potions, Charms, Quiditch, etc. Tasks such as being at the top of your class, winning a game of Quiditch, winning a duel (you'll be able to challenge fellow students to duels in the Forbidden Forest), correctly mixing a potion, and etc. will help you level up.

Now that you have settled into Hogwarts, there will be many events and happenings. A Quiditch match could be held every Saturday, and there will be tryouts for each house. If you don't make it, well, better luck next year after you've leveled up some. Yet, you could always play a pickup game on another day. I think each house should have a dueling team (tryout as well), and on every Friday night, houses will duel in matches of 20v20 and even grand 4way duels (20v20v20v20). Both of these events (Quiditch and Dueling) will earn House Points that will count towards getting the House Cup. As holidays pass, special happenings such as balls, dances, and parties will be held. Each house could form their own party on any given date after getting so many students to agree even. Also about twice every semester, students will be able to attend a Hogsmeade weekend. It would be a large thing, because any other time, this area will be closed off. These weekends would be like a vacation and time to let go. Everyone would love to go to Three Broomsticks and have an ale. And shops at Hogsmeade would have rare items, so save up. You would be able to socially interact with other students as well (text-based or using Wii Speak/headset). To add to the depth you could have a love of your life as well and date another student. Actions such as kissing, hugging, high-fiving, fist-jabs, smiling, etc. will be available almost as in Fable 2 (an interaction menu). As time will pass by and seven years pass, you will graduate from Hogwarts (don't worry it wouldn't go to fast). This is when the game will develop and possibly, greatly change.

You have just graduated from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and you have some very important, however not irreversible, choices to make. Will you come back to Hogwarts and become a teacher? Will you join the Ministry of Magic? Will you fight off death eaters? Will you open a shop on Diagon Alley? etc. Or will you choose more than one of these? Who knows? I think you should even be allowed to get married eventually. After time passes, if you stick with your same character this long, you will pass away (hopefully quietly and peacefully). This will not be the only time you can die though, had a bad duel that went terribly wrong? Uh-oh. Failed when trying to fend off Death-Eaters? I feel sorry for you. etc. All of these events could lead to a cruel, early death. However, I'm not saying it would happen easily at all, almost impossible if a well trained/taught Wizard.

Now what would make this a truly superb game on the Wii includes two basic things: 1. Clearly using you're Wii Remote with Wii Motion Plus would be a great feeling, and if developed correctly, could turn out amazing. And: 2. I really think that with a little tweaking/developing/future technology, Wii Speak would be able to understand what spell you say out loud. Not to mention the 360 should be able to use its Project Natal, and who knows the possibilities then. It would be the closet feeling to being a Wizard. And come on, who doesn't want to be a Wizard? Meanwhile on the PS3 and Xbox 360, you would have better graphics.

Some might think that it would be way too crowded, (It really would be). Sooo there would be many worlds in which you could choose from, (for example: world #1 - world #100). Each world would have its max capacity, and once you pick one, that is where you would belong. This way each school would have a fitting number of total students, teachers, and students in each house.

Another major issue is that of time. How fast would each year go? I think after you have attended so many classes each semester and passed each classes exam you would be able to graduate, so ultimately it's up to you when you would want to graduate and how fast you wish to age (some limit each year should exist I feel though). When older and a graduate, you would be able to mix anti-aging potions, hopefully you paid attention in potions class, which would also let you control your own rate of aging.

All in all, I truly feel that this would make for an amazing video game. There's only one problem: not enough people know about the possibilities of this game. If we can get enough support, I think a Hogwarts MMORPG could become a reality. Feel free to let me know how you feel about this.
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Wow! This game sounds amazing! I have absolutely NO DOUBT that this game would be a huge hit! You have my 100 % Support!
No. No.

I just want a huge HP game. I lively HUGE atmosphere, amazing graphics, amazing gameplay, etc. If all this was ever achieved in a HP game it'd be a huge hit and I'd buy it.

Never played an MMORPG, but I agree a large scale HP game would be cool.
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Yes that would be a step (and I'd buy it too), however why not go all out with an MMO at least?
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It seems to me that you're leading more into Life simulators as opposed to an MMORPG. There are a few issues I see with your description.

One would mainly be that, just because it's a top selling series of book and movies, doesn't mean the game will be popular. (Look at Lord of the Rings) Sure the fan base is huge, but look at the age groups and how many of them actually play video games. Also lets not forget the horrendous history of movie titled games.

Choosing Full-Blood, Half-Blood or Muggle-Born. What benefits are there? Surely any hardcore fan would go Full-Blood, so what would give people reason to go Muggle-Born? 10% chance to be labeled a sissy?

I can see choosing a specialty between Spells, Flying and Charms as being much like any MMOs talent trees. However, Quiditch and Potions seem to be more along the lines of professions over skills.

Leveling up by playing Quiditch, mixing potions and dueling? This is where the game starts turning towards Life Simulator over MMO. Missing out on Quiditch tryouts every year? that's a long time, especially to miss out of something that seems almost essential to the game, and how does that affect the people who get into the team? What happens if the miss a game, real life gets in the way of MMOs quite a lot.

80 Player PvP is attractive to any MMO'er, though tryouts again? If anything it should be based like the WoW Battlegrounds, where anybody can jump in and play a round.

More on the point of being a Life Simulator over an MMO. Parties, Balls and Dances? What's there to be had? People go there and date other players in-game? Graduating from Hogwarts to open a shop on Diagon alley, again is another hole in the MMO boat you're trying to build and what happens when you die? Make a new character? I think I'd feel more inclined to stop playing if my character I spent 2 years (Assuming that's your 7 year time span in-game) building were to die while I was off making an sandwich due to some flying fabric with hands.

It's not that I think it's a bad idea, I most likely wouldn't buy the game seeing as I have no interest in Harry Potter games. But it does seem that you're going too deep into a game that doesn't need to be, therefore creating something that isn't an MMORPG but more of a Simulator.

PS: I'm adding this because it appears I missed the paragraph indicating the issue with time. Choosing your own time can affect the people you play with, being an MMO there are going to be people leveling faster than others and going through the 7 years faster, what happens to the people you've met? It seems to me that you would need an instanced type game to have this kind of system.
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First off, if the game was made properly, then the fan base would be there, and people would buy the game. Next with choosing Pure-Blood, etc. It does matter, for Slytherins are all Pure-Bloods so you would have to account for this. I for one would choose Half-Blood so I most likely wouldn't be in that house. This choice is to help customize your character for the most part.
Second, all of the talents I mentioned would start off that way in school, and once you graduate, then develop into professions. The rosters for each house for the Quiditch team would be huge and each person would be ranked on it. If someone skipps it goes down the roster until someone is logged on and there you go. If somehow no one is logged on, you play short handed, it's that simple. If you don't make the team, like I said earlier, you can play pickup games any other day.
Third, you have a good point with dueling, and I think there would be free-for-all days when anyone in the Forbidden Forest is Game. And other than old age, you could only die in duels/battles.
And lastly I really don't understand you PS: paragraph. I know there could be issues with the whole time thing though.
This would probably be amazing! I could see the 10 on 10 Quiditch (or whatever its called) battles now.
Love the idea!!!!!

I WOULD SO BUY THAT GAME!!! Just a few questions though...would it be based on real time? Could you create more than one character? Oh and could you like have a chest in your dormatories and you could change the look of your character? Just in case you put on gryffindor robes in the beginning and you were sorted into ravenclaw then you could change into ravenclaw robes. You should post this idea on the EA fourums...they have permission to make harry potter games.
we're still a little shaky about the whole time thing. probably not based on real time, but as i said some bugs need to be worked out there. I'd sy only one character unless you die of course, then you create a new account. and yes i think a wardrope would be cool...
More Questions!!!!

I thought of a few more questions...do you have to try out out for quiddicth?
If you dont make the quidditch team...could you just watch the games?
Would there be a notice board in your common room to sign up for new classes...tell about parties, balls, and dances...and to tell about quidditch teams, dueling teams, and dueling and quidditch games?
yes, you would have to try out for the team. There would be a "main team" for each house, but people who didn't make the squad could watch the games, and also play pick-up games any time they wanted. And yes the bulletin board does seem like a good idea. Idk if it would be that exactly, but something very similar

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