How did nintendo come up with Wario?


Dec 13, 2006
In my honest opinion, I think they were all drunk or something...:scared:
maybe not.
But they propably were thinking of what Mario would become if Peach and Luigi left him.
He gains weight...Drinks...gets a screwed up mustache...Pretty much a complety UPSIDE down MArio oh wait! So then for a name they put Mario "upside down" and they got Wario...

This is not to offend the wario peeps... or is it...






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Sep 30, 2007
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i think the story goes deeper than that

maybe wario and peach were once an item and while wario was out working his 9 to 5 bowser broke into their home and kidnapped peach and brought her to his castle with plans of naughty naughty things and as bowser was making his advances, peach let out an ear-piercing scream so loud that mario (passing by bowsers castle on his daily hovering-brick smashing and mushroom consumption activities) heard it and so rescued her filed a police report and brought her home where wario walked in on her and mario bumping uglies because peach just couldnt resist marios princess-saving skills (amongst other things) doing so wario went onto binge drinking, overeating, and lost all hope in humanity and decided to dye his clothes a wacky color and vow to hate mario

...but i could be wrong lol you never know

wario smooth moves was pretty "interesting" so my story cant fully be wrong haha


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Apr 28, 2007
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i got this from wikipedia

Wario made his first appearance in the Game Boy game Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins as the villain and final boss. In the game, he took control of Mario's personal island and lived in his castle while Mario was rescuing Princess Daisy from an alien entity named Tatanga (as depicted in Super Mario Land for the Game Boy).[20] The only way Mario could gain access to his castle, as Wario had taken possession of it, was to collect six golden coins which were in the possession of Wario's minions (one of which was Tatanga himself). In a commercial for the game, Wario attempts to hypnotize the viewers into serving him.[21]

He later returned to the Mushroom Kingdom and incapacitated Mario, Princess Peach or Yoshi - depending on which character the player chooses - by dropping a bucket or another similar item on their heads from his airplane in Mario & Wario (only available in Japan for the Super NES). The player controlled a fairy named Wanda with the Super NES mouse, while she assisted one of the three characters in navigating the level seeking Luigi, who would be able to remove the object from the character's head.

Later, in Wario's Woods, Wario makes an attack on the Mushroom Kingdom, forcing Toad, Wanda and Birdo to brave his forest in order to stop him. In the original Super NES version of Wario's Woods, Toad must battle many bosses before he can face Wario, while the NES version features Wario as the only villain. While Wario now has slanted eyes and thick eyebrows, he is depicted in this game with round cartoonish eyes and thin eyebrows.

Wario Blast: Featuring Bomberman! was released around the same time as Wario's Woods in 1994. In this game, Wario somehow finds his way to Planet Bomber and attempts to steal its treasures while Bomberman attempts to stop him. The player may then choose between the two. The game is a crossover between Nintendo's Wario series and Hudson Soft's Bomberman series. Even though the game was largely resembling the rest of the Bomberman-franchise, Wario still got top billing.


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Sep 25, 2007
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I actually have a gamepro magazine that explains this

I'll type it up later


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Apr 16, 2007
I think it's just Mario's features maxed out. For the mustache, they went to: Tools->sharpen, repeated it over and over again. Then, they mad him from fat, to obese. They then changed the colour palette to anything, as long as it was different from mario and luigi. They gave him a cap, just because Mario has one, and because he's like the "opposite" of mario, they flipped the 'M' and got Wario. After, they found some obese kid off the street, gave him a mustache and yellow and purple clothes. They then put him in a fight against a dude dressed as mario. mario wooped his ass, giving him a purple, broken noose, which ninty decided to keep in their design. They thought, it's offensive towards fat people, so they gave him super muscles, giving out the message "fat people have super muscles!". Something like that anyways. Or then they were just playing super mario brothers after having some mushrooms...


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Sep 25, 2007
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Who Are Wario and Waluigi?

Sorting through the annals of Nintendo lore, it's clear that Wario (who first appeard in Super Mario Land) and Waluigi (who first appeared in Mario Tennis) are brothers (Wario is older) and are cousins to Mario and Luigi. Even though they are evil, according to Nintendo Power, their story is somewhat sympathetic because cousin Mario used to bully Wario when they were kids, and Waluigi was always being compared to the successful Luigi. Because being evil appears to be their full-time job, they wouldn't have time for a side gig like plumbing or even nega-plumbing. By the way Charles Martinet creates all the voices of Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi.

Source: Gamepro Issue 214

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