How Much $?


Am I Losing Friends?
Aug 8, 2006
Wii Online Code
I Have A Really Good Looking Black GC That Has Almost No Scratches ANd Nothing Wrong WIth It...Period...

In My Town We Have A Gamestop And A Really Good Store Called "Game X Change"
How Much Do You Think I SHould Get For It?

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Oh Nevermind...It's 107.12...

Wait... Your Currency Is Pounds Right?
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Thats A Little Much Dont Ya Think? ;)
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Wow... $50?
I Could Go For That! I Need The Money For The Wii...

Look At My Wii Fund In My Sig...
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Yeh... I KNow That... For The Wii...

I Guess I Should Sell The Cords With It Too? :lol:
Can't you just get a job? I work for a couple days a week, five hours a day, doing commercials for baseball/other sports games. I get minimum wage for that, which in Washington is 7.63 dollars an hour.
Yeah ur hurtin for some money dude....but anyways sell it with everything you have for the GC except maybe 1 or 2 controllers and memory cards so you can use them for the Wii.....that should raise the profit a tad.....also you might want to send flyers around your neighborhood incase there are any little kids that want to get a new system..... :D ......well there are alot in my neighborhood so you know it would work for me........and i have over $400 so i want my Wii now :drool: