how the new zelda should be

i think they should have new temples, but keep it original. i liked how in TP they had him start out somewhat older, rather than have him young to adult. i hope they keep midna! i havent finished TP (cause i they game ending glitch only on the earlier sold versions of TP) but i know that midna turns into a woman, i dont really like that, but oh well. but i think they should keep the map and stuff, mabey some new characters, and new plot, although the one for Twilight Princess was brilliant.
T.P was great. New game should be same style. They should defiantly keep the 'map and stuff". One thing i don't like is when u have like +10 different weapons. I know that they can add a lot more puzzles and stuff but just shouldn't be soo many. Im interested to find out what the game will be about, the plot in TP was really cool. Although the dungeons didn't have me swearing at the wii for throwing stuff around, soo they could be a little bit more challenging. And just heaps of stuff to waste time on is always good.
2 Words: Harder Puzzle's
After playing OoT and Majora's mask none of the puzzle's are hard anymore! I mean on Phantom hour glass I beat the Sand Temple in 15 minutes! I mean look at the first game. ou had to guess where the last 2 or 3 temple's were! They also need more secrets, the graveyard in Hyrule Castle wasn't satisfying. Oh and they also need more swords and shields, not just a Hylian Sword and a Master Sword. You know like a mirror shield and a big gorron sword, something that is better than the 1st upgrade!
Oh and the biggest thing is that they need is the Ocrania of Time back!
I say make the game darker and story much deeper and complex. Bring in more adult/teen themes into the story like for example death, grief, maybe even a love theme. Not like mentioning a death of a parent but show charaters that you might of play with or interact with be killed off half way through to create the world that is suppose to falling into darkness. Graphics needs to be updated and make it more magical/fairytal like. Gameplay is great and should be kept the same with more in depth controls. Also add in voice acting and more animation sequence in line with say something like Final Fantasy quality.

Wishful thinking but will never happen as Nintendo will make sure the game appeals to all ages which means most of what I wish for will not happend. Also Nintendo always look for max profit which means lower graphics and animation sequence.
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