Hyrule map! (owerworld)

Jun 5, 2006
oops... forgot
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ok this is a picture where u can see a map of hyrule.
that map is just for the Owerworld so there's MORE THAN THIS!


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That's awesome
In other news: I dislike what the speed burst things look like the carrots where better
Omg! Ok i change my mind im Getting that def. I wasnt gonna buy it because of that 45 min. ride thing but even if it 45 min. I seriously dont care it's like Driving across the whole Country expirencing everything :O
If You Look At Link Pointer On The Map.. Below It Is A Long Straightaway,

That's The Bridge In Front Of Him! And The Bridge Doesn't Look That Long!

Do It'll Take ABout...Uh... 20 To 25 Minutes It Looks Like To Go CLear Around On That Map! :D
finally the biggest zelda game yet (calm down not out yet ) lol wouldnt it be great if there was storms of the twlight where some areas go into the twlight zone then back out