I didn't Preorder, Getting Your wii on Launch Guide.


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Sep 18, 2006
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Yes the guide on getting your wii the day of Launch. Got the idea from someone on Nsider Forums. So Here it starts:
Warning: LongRead

1- So i didn't Preorder so what?
So what!!! The hype is really getting high. Yes! It is much more popular then you think. But if you spend your times on Nsider or wiichat it will seem like there are alot of people. But on the forums, the number of people only represent less then 1% of the amount of wiis to be released.Much more popular then the GCn or DS would have ever been. Yep if you think you could it that easly, i guarantee you will take back those words unless you camped or preordered or came very early or Luck :) And probably if not then your just good.

2- Okayokay, You got me. Now what about EBgames/Gamestop, Thats a game store and they should have lots.
Pshh. Yea right. EBgames/Gamestop are getting a very low amount of wiis i think around 20-30 each store. Anywho, since it is a video game store, you will find that it is PACKED on launch day. Other then that, EBgames and Gamestop[Owned by the same company] are probably ONLY getting the amount of wiis as the amount of preorders they have. I.e. there are 30 Preorders that means they will only get 30 Wiis on launch to give. And its to those who preordered. So if you looked through all those electronic stores, this is a last resort.

3- Choices for a good chance to get a wii
Yes, i forgot to mention this earlier. There are only 3 choices for you to pick on launch day to guarantee a wii... And a last resort choice[ a fourth one ] If you have no other choice. The first choice is: Camping out! Yes i think there is a thread in this forum for guiding you through camping
Now for the second choice. It is too late for this now but Preordering! If you preorders its already guaranteed you will get your wii. So you don't have to bother coming early on nov 19th
The third choice is going in the morning and checking every single store.
And the last resort if you cannot go is going on launch day anytime.[Not guaranteed]

4- Name me ALL of the stores that will be getting there hands on wiis{And no not in the sick minded way}
Alright Alright i am going to make a list of all the stores that will be getting there hands on wiis, followed by a choice for you to pick.

I- Walmart
Probably one of your best choices ever. They will be getting alot of wiis, its probably worth camping 3-6 hours earlier. But if you don't its alright.
Graded: A-

II- Bestbuy/FuturShop
Another good choice, they will be getting lots of wiis too. But this place will definately be packed so if you want to i can guarantee you will get one if you camp out 3-7 hours earlier or the day before late night.
Graded: A

III- Toys 'R Us
Best choice for you. You can camp if you want. They get the most wiis. If you do camp go 3-5 hours earlier.
Graded: A+

IV- Ebgames/Gamestop
Only good if you preordered. Will be packed on launch and only guaranteed a wii if you either camped and are one of the first in line or if you preordered.
Graded: C+

V- Target
Good store, I cannot guarantee you getting a wii here, But camping is a good choice. Other then preordering. camp 1-5 hours earlier then opening
Graded: B+

Okay That was the top 5. Now im just going to compose a list

-UK preorders

5- Thanks for the info BUT what about Nov 18th, there is bound to be people camping that day
Of course. People REALLY want the wii, if you find that this is happening, i would recommand checking that store FIRST or LAST its up to you. If you go first and find that people are still camping there and waiting, go there LAST or wait until the crowd is gone. But if you are really persistent and are done checking every other store. Jump through that crowd and claim your wii! Another BUT, people will bound to have a voucher or somesort of thing like that if they camped. If you find that on nov 18th there are people you still have the choice of running back home and getting ready to get into that line :)

6- Others
Okay a good idea is to actualy call the stores and ask them about the wii. Its a great idea, and maybe even ask them when you should camp out or if they will have preorders

7-Number of wiis and other info that is important

The number of wii has been confirmed to be 1 million on launch day and by the end of the year of 2006- 4million!
A very helpful thread i made:

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This is a great thread for those who dont know howto camp out, which apparently may be quite a few :lol: . But actually, I'm gonna camp out on friday right after school, (2:30). :yesnod: No matter what anyone tells me, I think that there will be countless people, so I'll just tough it out :scared:
Solid post, now wait for the "I preordered mine" crowd to chime in...Very informative, I think walmart will be anybodys best bet, although toys r us is creating a bit of a panic. Only 10 preorders per store when I know my local store will get 100! They had 125 GC on launch day. ANd then telling people they cant garauntee anything on launch day. We need more informative posts like this, less of the BS.Word up GreyKirby
Arn't all Walmars 24/7?

Get there at 10:00 and go on a shopping spree till 12:00 then you get your moment:yikes:
nope mine isn't...mine will open 2 hours earlier then normal for only the nintendo wii...and my wal mart is getting 40...so im going their like at 11 Pm saturday..the guy said to come at 5 am and im guarantied one...but im not talking any chances...
Demon Slayer said:
nope mine isn't...mine will open 2 hours earlier then normal for only the nintendo wii...and my wal mart is getting 40...so im going their like at 11 Pm saturday..the guy said to come at 5 am and im guarantied one...but im not talking any chances...
Take like 70 alarm clocks so you'll be able to get up in time, my wal-mart is 24/7 so I'm going at about 4 p.m. saturday for the midnight launch
I hope this works for getting the wii....

I'm not preordering or camping out but i know i will get one!
No camping for me. I know my Target is getting 60 Wiis. If I miss out, there is a Best Buy within walking distance. If I miss out there, I'll walk next door to Toys 'r Us. If I miss that one too, I'll go across the street to Circuit City. Worst case, I'm driving to Walmart 3 miles away, or another Target that is about 10 miles away.

Pretty sure I can get one from one of those stores without having to camp.