i forgot, whats the nachuket controller for?

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Yea, sorry.... do you need it for the games... i am so confused.. there is the gc controller, is that for all wii games too? then the nanchuck- what is that for and what games.. then then wii controllers? what games are those for
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then whats the 1 that looks kina like a gc controller. just soo many controllers it seems like, and what are they all for....!.!!!!! and which ones work with what kind of games.....
The gamecube remote is only for playing your gamecube games on the system, as far as we know.

The long wii-mote and 'nunchuk' you have probably seen pictures of everywhere are for your wii games. The nunchuk add on is for more complex games like zelda, red steel etc.

There is also a classic controller for playing downloaded games off the 'net.

There is also a theory that you could use a Nintendo DS as a controller etc in some games.

Is that what you wanted?
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Yes and they need to add more the the box.. i would need to get about 2 more controllers nanchuck and wii remote, and how much are those classic controllers?
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anybody know around how much the classic controllers will be?

if you think about it.. if you want a total of 3 controllers of nachuck,wii mote and class controller. you need to buy 2 more of nachuck and wii more and 3 classic controllers, then a few games.. then some games of the net.. its about $700 ( including the wii)
I dont know about dollars but the nunchuk and classic controllers are both £15 here, so i expect they will both be the same over there.
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the nanchuk is 20 here and the wii mote is 40.. thats a rip off. It should be 20, that would be nice
hopefully they will have a controller bundle where you can buy wiimote+nunchuk for 50 bucks
are there going to be wii games that don't use the wiimote( heheheh sounds like a kid wiht a lisp trying to say remote heheh) and nunchuck? and if there are what controller will they use.
I suppose it would be possible for a developer to use the classic controller instead, but i think most wii games use the wiimote with/without the nunchuk and other adaptors. (gun, wheel etc)

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