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Nov 20, 2006
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Hey guys, my name is ZinGy and I've been watching these forums for the last 2 weeks and I have to say the reponses of people getting their Wii is estatic. I can't wait till I get mine around early December. Anyways here are my questions:

#1: Do you think there will be enough Wii's around early December (1-10) for me to get one?

#2: Since Wii emulates the VC games, do you think it will be possible to export rom files to a SD card and boot them off there? (Of course having the original cartridge)

#3: Last, but not least. Will the Wii have ONLINE PLAY? As is people playing against real people like online lol?
1. Depends... no one can answer that 100% really.

2. No, they can only be backed up as far as I know... and cannot be played on any console but the original console the game was downloaded on.

3. Yes, there will be online gameplay for the Wii.
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Please give your guess on question number 1. :)
If you can preorder, do so. The systems went fast everywhere, every single place I went to had lineups. When I got up the morning of launch, the lineup was enormous; people without preorders were told they couldn't purchase one(only the first twenty were accepted). I didn't even get an extra nunchuck... only a few Wiimotes left for me to snatch an extra one.