I would like to say to everyone...

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Oct 24, 2006
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To everyone:

I would like to say "GOOD LUCK!" for getting the Nintendo Wii on the release date. Also if you don't get it, I'm very sorry but you will probably get one by Christmas or by 2nd or 3rd shipments.

If you pre-ordered, good for you :yesnod: . I pre-ordered too for good for me too :yesnod: . If you didn't, good luck for waiting in a line, good luck if you are camping.

If your local store doesn't have enough wii's for even you to get, don't be :cryin: get :lol: . There will be more shipments by the end of this month and by christmas.

When you do get your Wii, have fun playing your games :yesnod: .

I already got Rayman, MonkeyBall, DragonBall Z, and Trauma Center now. I'll get Red Steel and Zelda soon. Well GOOD LUCK FOR EVERYONE AND HAVE FUN!!!!

-ShadowElliot (Soon to be Nintendo-Wiier)
Good luck to all of you as well, I know this is an exciting moment for a lot of us. A bunch of us are throwing a personal party (with just us few, else we'd never get good playing time!) with 2, possibly 3 wii's set up in the apartment including mine.

Hope to hear the tales of your first experiences and the joys Zelda will surely bring a lot of us soon!
Yeah good luck, if your going to the midnight release thing. I heard they make you race or something--maybe I'm hearing things-- but gl all.
Good luck and dam u for getting the wii before me :(
Nah, but really good luck. See if u can find other wiichatters while your out there camping. Have fun enjoying your wii and make sure u say that if your in line and some dude comes with a gun asking for all your pre order money, just say that your a hobo and that the line is where u live and they might let u go....................
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