IGN speaks with Madden Producer Jason Armenise


Apr 30, 2006
IGN managed to get an interview with Madden producer Jason Armenise who reveals all about the Wii version of Madden.

They also unveil 10 new screenshots of the game.

The interview covers the exact passing controls, special moves with the Wiimote, defensive manuevers, graphical capabilities, and the kicking game.

The Wii version won't be "dumbed down" as the initial 360 version was; it contains every single mode and feature that long-time fans of the franchise have come to expect. It also contains some new features, such as the "two-on-two" minigame, which re-enacts the classic quarterback/receiver vs. rusher/safety playground game complete with "Mississippi" counting.

The interview is massive and covers about 7 pages on IGN, you can read the full transcript here:
Yeah, really long, but I prefer to don't read it, I'm not an american football fan.
I'll read the whole thing...eventually.

Yeah I'm a real Madden fan so I can't wait to see how they will use the motion sensor for it.