Im back


Feb 6, 2007
In Scotland
Wii Online Code
Hi all its me wii_cammy and im back from my ban.(if any of you noticed of course)

I would like to say sorry to TLc because i acted very childish and i promise nothing like that will ever happen again

So since i was banned i have been reading the rules inside and out so now i know what i can do and what i cant

Well thats all i have to say
There he is! Good ol'cammy!
Welcome back ma'lad, keep it cool :cool:
LOL welcome I guess.

I know you didn't mean it in that way, but when you say " I read the rules to see what I can do" sounds like your a rebel trying to push the limits. Test the water if you will..... If you have to study the rules to see what you can't do, I smell a future ban... :yesnod:
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no what i meant in that was that i wanted to see what i could post and what i couldnt
like i can challenge opinions
but no bans
and i can not take it to far when posting

its just common sense with forums. reading the rules wont tell you anything. its you yourself that has to learn the self controll. no FAQ will help you with that.

anyways, i sent you a PM and told you what i had to say. your welcome isnt as "welcomed" as lees was because of what you did. youre under watch