Im new to the wii


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Jul 13, 2009
Howdy , im new to the nintendo wii online i have a few friends code .. and i would luv to play with anyone in anything or just chill and tlk lol.. heres the codes and games i have ooo and my nAME for all of them is S7atic

Wii Speak - Friend Code - 4604-2698-1564-4034

Guitar Hero World Tour - Friend Code - 0045-1415-8065

Rock Band 2 - Friend Code - 3336-5119-8781

Mario Kart - Friend Code - 3695-8657-6051

Texas Hold'em - Friend Code - 3352-2683-8761
The only problem playing Texas Holdem with friends you get stuck with computers if theres not enough friends to fill the seats. They are so lame and boring to play. Mostly they fold. The best part of this game as it is pretty boring after a few games is the real people/avatars.

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