indiana jones short review


Nov 4, 2007
ok so i beat it.

1st. my disc was very glitchy! it froze like 3 or 4 time during the game and i had to unplug my wii. also, some parts i had to redo because the game wouldnt progress! lol. never had this issue before.. anyone experience this?

of course it must be compared to force unleashed because its a george lucas arts thing. its just as fun but just a bit harder to beat. a little bit of puzzle solving but not as hard as zelda.

controls were cool, swinging the wiimote to bunch and to throw objects.. using the whip was cool. i admit at the end your in a car and to control it, its not like mariokart, its the nunchuck and wiimote together. that **** was a pain.

8 hour game i think. some of the artifacts are hard to get.
i havnt tried the co-op. but looks cool.. you can unlock like 4 different clothes or person.

if you own force you might as well own this. 8.9/10 or 8.5 because of glitches.
That's the first good review I've heard of that game. Everyone else that I've read hates it.
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i love indiana jones and im casual :)

i want to say also about thye story... its a bit hard to follow. not as epic but still sweet.

you can go to any level after you beat it to collect the missing items unlike ForceU.

i beat it on normal.
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