Indy on the Wii?


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Jan 25, 2009
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Anybody got news on the upcoming Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings? I'm pretty excited about it.
What about it is going to make it suck. Sounds like to be its got Bully/Godfathers punching system which enjoyable. Looks like its going to be a decent action game for the Wii.
According to Kotaku, it is going to suck.

I'll wait for reviews rather than going by Kotaku's opinion of something that they haven't even played yet.

Most other previews have seemed quite encouraging, with the game sounding like it will control in a similar way to EA's The Godfather. With the full version of Fate of Atlantis as an unlockable extra this game should offer good value too.

For gameplay details this is all I've heard so far:
Motion controls for punching/whip.
Vehicles - Biplane, tank, elephant, river raft.
Co-op mode.
4 player versus mode (biplane or tank combat).
Prompted quicktime gesture events.
The Fate of Atlantis full unlockable game.
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You can play as Han Solo

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Well I hope this game does well. We need a great action/adventure title.

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