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Apr 1, 2007
Ok sorry for another post about internet speeds, but im stil not sure. At the moment my internet speed is 500Kbps(Not KBps)(Question, Is 500Kbps the same as Half a Mb Broadband?) is this fast enough to play online with my Ps3 with little lag, and to play 40v40 on resistance or 15 player races in Motor Storm. If not what internet speed would you suggest, at the moment i should be getting 1mb broadband from Tiscali, but i seriously think tiscali is wripping me. We were paying £20 a month for 8mb broadband for 6 months which we never got, only 500Kbps. Can you suggest a good internet provider that can supply me with at least the speed required to play online, i want my dad to go to virgin but if i go to virgin can i get like the 10mb broadband, i checked something with Tiscali and they said my phone-line cable could only handle a mb speed, so if i go to Virgin does the internet work a different way where i can support things like 8mb broadband, and im also going wireless so will that run another way also so i can get a faster internet speed than 1 mb, thanks.

If you could answer all my questions id be very grateful, thanks.
Are you sure its 500kbps? That should be higher i think but im not from the same place as you so, i couldnt recomend a service. As long as its DSL/Cable you should be fine when it gets online.

If anything try Comcast digital cable, they are fast and not to expensive.