Is it alright if I leave Wiiconnect24 on?


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Feb 18, 2009
I've looked at a few past threads on here and none of them really answered my question so here we go.

Is it not a good idea to leave it on? I've left it on since I hooked it up though my wireless router but I read something on wiki saying it's not really good too. I would prefer to leave it on tbh.

Sometimes the console can get kind of hot with the fan not on. If you don't desperately need your messages at every time of the day, I'd turn it off if I were you.

On the other hand, it IS Wiiconnect24
As long as you have adequate ventilation then you're fine leaving it on. After all, it was designed from the start to be in standby 24/7.
its fine. just dont leave it on carpet or cover it with somethign soft.
My Wiis have been left on wiiconnect24 for over 2 years now (one flat, one vertical) with no overheating problems.. .. .. .. some people have had issues though.

As an extra precaution make sure you clean the vents regularly to avoid stopping the airflow.
Yes it is fine to leave the Wii console on 24/7. Make sure it is well ventilated and it will be fine.

The benefit of leaving it on is that you will have your news and weather channels up to date without having to wait for download time.

You can also receive emails and messages as soon as they come in, and be notified of any online gaming tournaments and contests as Nintendo issues them.

Go for it.
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Mines been left on for 4 months now and everything is alright and i don't have special fan

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