Is Splinter Cell: Double Agent Worth Buyng???

Mr Money said:
I was wondering what you think of Splinter Cell: Double Agent because i am thinking of buying it but i'm not sure??? Tell me if you think i should buy it or not. Thanks........

i bought this a while ago and couldnt put it down. the controls were hard to get used to at first but i soon picked it up. graphics are awesome, sound is aweome, game play awesome, and the ingame decisions which affect the coming missions make this a game unlike any other. i'd say yeah - buy it...especially if you can get it cheap like i did (
I LOVE the Splinter Cell series but Rogue Agent got such bad reviews on the Wii that I've stayed away from it. I've kinda intended to get it for PS2 but then playing PS2 already feels so old so I'm kinda stuck. I'll eventually pick it up so I'm hoping somebody might be able to convince me it's worth picking up on Wii.
Mortal Kombat Armageddon giving the choice of controller has me wishing every game did that. If people complain about the controls in SC:RA, it'd be cool if you could at least choose to use the Classic Controller since it's basically the same design as the PS2 controller (which is basically the SNES controller, but who cares, it's a great controller no matter what)