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Aug 2, 2006
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woundnt it be cool if you are in teams (like wresling) to have combined special moves like marios combine with samus a super blast what you think and feel free to make up joint special moves that you think would be good in the new game ssbb
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what about pikachuas special a gaint thunder bolt and metakinghts fury blade atack that will be a barage of attacks to make thunder warrior barage meta knight will become an electric man and do a barage of attacks
if fox is in it then Samus and Fox could combine the Reflector Move(Fox)
and the Blaster Move(Samus) which would shoot the actual Reflector at someone and it would be x3 bigger
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good idea what about a mix between samus and kirby the pot blaster the enemy is stuck in the kirby pot and then samus delivers the final move with the blast
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oo ive got another one its pit and samus missle shower pit fires loads of arrows and samus fires loads of missles and it covers the feild leaving no escape
Or maybe

Links Boomerang and Pikachu's Lightning to make a lightning Boomerang which will not only be stronger but increases speed :p
Maybe Yoshi(If hes in it) and Pit:
Pit shoots alot of arrows Yoshi swallows them then spits them out and it would be quicker arrows once spit out
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