Legend of the Dragon


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Nov 27, 2006
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Hello all,

Legend of Dragon is the thread topic here. For those who aren't in the know. Legend of Dragon is based on a children's TV show, and its basically being brought to the Nintendo Wii.

Now granted I disagree with the statement that Game Factory, Legend of Dragon's publisher, has made about the Nintendo Wii being a childrens console, they don't say it but they obvisually imply it.

Anyways getting past that, it actually seems rather interesting, IGN currently has some concept art up for the game as well. However this paragraph by IGN really sums up what is known about the game itself so far.

"Based on the animated TV series. Legend of the Dragon is a third person action game with RPG components, which features fantastic martial arts movements from the TV series. As in the series, players will find Twelve Signs of the Ancient Chinese Zodiac, each with its own temple, and each temple with its own guardian. The guardians undergo a physical change when they are forced to defend their temple, a metamorphosis that reflects the skills and likeness of the zodiac creature they represent. The main goal is to ruin the plans of the Zodiac Master, who is attempting to attain these twelve astonishing ancient powers to become virtually unstoppable."

Now the first thing that came to my mind was that it was a bit similar to the Zelda forte, definitely interesting. Now if the game follows the concept art and truly put some effort into it as well as the story, the game in my opinion would be a promising title to check out.

Here is a link to it on IGN

What are some of the other Wiichat members thoughts on this so far?