Linux for Wii?

Would linux be cool On Wii?

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Ronan said:
would be allright for a while but it is a bit gimmicky, like a portal for your psp
People still use portals? I use iRshell and PSIX. Like a portal but waaaaaaay cooler. Built in MP3 playback, photo viewing, video playing, etc.
i would welcome it of course as its harmless to the wii and can only make it better...but i am personally not really bothered. the only thing i want my wii for is to game! SP and MP! i dont care about all this business about checking the weather, my pc can do that in a couple of clicks. i dont care about playing mp3s on the wii while gaming. i can plug my pc or stero into my surrondsound and listen to music while im playing. i dont care about the dvd player, i can watch dvds on my pc or TV. i dont care about linux as it seems almost pointless on a GAMING console. ps3 and xbox360 can brag about all there new technologys but the fact is whatever a ps3 or xbox360 can do my top end pc rig can do it 10x better. i want a wii for the controller, for the games not to check the weather.