LMAO!! Go back then....

shiggy getting jiggy with it, imagine if when one of the times shiggy swings his sword, it flies off and killls somebody lol "blood will drip from your e3 sword"
oh my god, the first time i ever heard a new zelda game was comin out, i jumped outta my seat and was like "yea!!!" i went to gamestop like three days after and heard that you could reserve your copy and have it by November 11, 2005. trust me, i was so excited. watchin the display covers. it was cool....that is....until i got a phone call on August somethin regarding zelda news. it said that, "earlier today nintendo announced the unfortunate delay of zelda till 2006." right there i dropped my phone, and jus was in shock.

i was mad as hell. i felt like cryin cause i grew-up on zelda games. and the worst part is that i had to go back to gamestop and cancel my pre-order thing. jus watchin the employees puttin away the display boxes, tearing down the posters jus shattered me. only thing i felt would make me feel better, is to plug-in my N64 and play my OoT and my MM. but now, that i know that its comin out this November or whenever it comes out, all i know, is that theres no way this time im canceling my pre-order.
Yup, I was in utter shock when I found out Twilight Princess got delayed too. And now, a year later, we are almost ready to get our hands on TP and spend countless hours with our eyes in front of our TV's :p
I find it so strange that when it says "but as the light fades.... will the hero rise again?" thats theres this slence and then it starts up again
Hmmm... I knew this would happen and I was really looking forward for Zelda to come out that year. But to hear that they delayed it again was not a surprise... they did it with pokemon so was used to hearing it over and over again with certain games (esp popular games) And its been a 3.5 year wait since I heard about it. Finally I will be able to get hold of TP and play it all night long until i'm too tired.
dude zelda4life guy...

that is the funniest/saddest story ive ever heard.

yeah but that video at 32 seconds you can hear some guy yell "oh SH*T!!!" like his been friend has just been shot. im serious if you listen to it enough, it sounds like hes crying.

yeah but i wasnt that excited for the new zelda, it was just another game i would have to reluctantly beat. but now its a another game taht i have to buy and play and cherish every moment of it. even if it takes a year to beat.

I Was So Excited ABout This Video When I FIrst Saw It!