Mad Dog McCree looking likely for Wii


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May 30, 2006
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As the game would say

This is a game that is still doing the rounds in some old arcades.
But its arse
The game is arse in the arcades so the home versions are even more arse
But still it gets 50ps put in it buy some people. probably due to it looking like a interactive movie
But what some of us have learned is that thats never really a good thing

So here it is
A possible Wii version
Old school laserdisc and arcade game Mad Dog McCree appears to be heading to Wii, if an ESRB rating for a Gunslinger Pack is to be believed.
"This is a first-person shooter featuring live-action scenes instead of traditional animation. Set in the Wild West, the game allows players to engage in gunfights with bandits, rescue innocents, and shoot objects for points. Players use crosshair targeting to fire their gun at various outlaws who yell, flail, and crash through the scenery," says the ESRB.
Word backs chatter from late last month, when GameFly online rental service also listed Mad Dog McCree for the Nintendo Console.
Majesco is rumoured to be the publisher and we're currently trying to find out more.
Mad Dog McCree swaggered into arcades in 1990, and used live-action sequences performed by real stuntmen and actors to captivate light gun, on-rails shooter fans.
The game has sprung up on various formats since, but suffers due to loading times between user input and game reaction. Blu-ray, we hope, can rectify this.
Via Eurogamer
For those that have never seen it

Yes it is a interactive movie
Yes it is arse
But its better than all that shovelware stuff that comes out