Madden 2007 video


Apr 30, 2006
From the LGC event last week, here's a very in-depth gameplay video for Madden 2007.

Its over 9minutes long and features the major moves and gameplay aspects, definitely worth watching if you're thinking of picking this title up

Yeah i watched that a couple minutes before you posted it :), it just looks ownage. Its so cool. Madden looks hell good. I reckon that the graphics look really nice and that the wii version will hands down by the most interactable.
OMG Thank you for this post i0n! This post has been the best darn post I've opened up! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Madden 07 is going to be an ownage game and my first Wii game! WOOOT! Lol when he first kicked it off it went no where hahaha. But what kind of sucks is it still has the same old cometry.....but that doesnt matter too much. And selecting your play in the playbooks looks awesome also.
respones arent that quick but i think that can be ironed out, catching the ball seems fun, no more pressing a button to catch, then juke, then stiff arm!
i know, but accutaly you dont know its not 100% it could be done already but still, that games been in for awile, all thought i can care less cause im not getting it
are my eyes messed up or do those graphics look great!

I thought everyone was saying the wii didnt have good graphics