Mario Galaxy DS

absolutely not. even if every single DS owner in the world asked for it. at least not in the same way it is on the wii, it would have to be some weird hybrid redesigned for a handheld. kind of like what they did when they put spore on the ds. it would be the spirit of Super Mario Galaxy, but in a different format.

and besides, with there being 2 galaxy games on the wii, i wouldnt want to play the same kind of game on the go, i'd want a fresh gaming experience.
No, they wouldn't be able to. The DS game cardtridge is 2GB and a Wii disc is 9.4GB. Nor would the DS be able to handle the level size.
I really doubt Nintendo would put the effort into making yet another SMG just for the DS. Especially since they're already making a sequel for the Wii.

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