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Jul 24, 2006
According To The August Issue Of Nintendo power there was an interview with retro studios where they reveal alot of info about metroid prime 3 corruption according to the interview Metroid Prime Corruption Will Have A New Visor Called The Command Visor. With It You Can Summon Your Ship To Help You On Your Quest. also, the weapon system has changed as well the system is similar to the original metroid and the gba titles. instead of switching between weapons they "stack" on top of one another. for example: get the wave and ice beam to combine them. there will also be new hunters in corruption as well all i know about them is that they speak english (yay). The sad thing though is that this will be the last metroid prime game. this is the one where samus destroys the source of the phazon once and for all. the interview with retro studios is found in the august issue of nintendo power. the one that says: we came wii conquered.

P.s: if this is old news, please dont flame me :wtf:
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Sounds cool. They've just gotta make sure it's an excellent one if it's the last... (hopefully, a multiplayer mode which can rival Goldeneye for the N64! - though haven't played hunters yet, so I'm not sure if they're there or not)
That sounds awsome!!!!! Since it's the last Prime they will make it the best but I'm sure there will be another Metroid Series on Wii.
crazymonkey360 said:
there probably will be another metroid series on the wii and i said its going to be the last "prime" game anyway
That's what I said:tard:
Since dark samus is the metroid prime you probably finally finish her/it off and any others will go in a new direction or villian.
Arcadium said:
I dont like it to be one of the last games... I which they come more games :)
Like i said before this isn't the end of the Metroid franchise on Wii just the Prime series.
WiiGamer24 said:
What do you thing Retro will do after this game?

I think they'll develop downloadable levels and other content for Metroid Prime 3. Then, they'll start working on a multiplayer-mode that will be sold seperatly for like $30 or downloadable for cheap or free.