mind of wii's own


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Mar 12, 2009
My wii seems to be communicating even when I have the power off. I have nothing else in my house that communicates via wifi except the wii. The wifi light will begin to show traffic, weather the power is on or off. The only way I have been able to control it is to unplug the wii. How could this be? :wtf:
... Lol, you should probably read the Wii's manual. :D

It's Wii Connect 24, my friend. The Wii stays in constant communication with your source of wi-fi, updating it of any new information, whether it be messages on your Wii Message Board or a possible update for your channels/Wii Menu. Just go into the Wii's Options, find Wii Connect 24, and turn it off.
SSB Freak is right. why bother unplugging your wii. its pretty easy to turn off and on. go to the wii menu. and in the bottom left corner there is the settings
scroll through them. find internet. and shut it off :yesnod:
easy as cake :]