Mini Ninjas


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Feb 18, 2009
I am wondering if anybody has played or knows anything about Mini Ninjas for Wii. Ive watched the trailers, and it looks like a pretty fun game, but other than that ive seen no promotion or hype for the game. And I am one of those people who dont really bother to try nintendo games that dont get a lot of hype simply because of the sheer amount of crap that is out for the Wii and DS. I havent seen a good review of it yet (yes i googled it for myself first) or any scores, OR any actual description of what the gameplay is like, other than it has some "gesture" controlled moves. So, my questions are these.

1. Is the story very linear at all, or is there a good amount of okami/zelda like exploring and a generous sized world to do it in?

2. Are the Wii controls good? (because otherwise what is the whole purpose of the wii)

3. Is there plentiful amount of good solid gameplay? (because I hate "finish-over-the-weekend" games, and games with hours of cut-scenes and speech)

I know it just came out, but I figured maybe someone has played it or knows more information about it. So thanks in advance!