Monster Hunter 3 May Get WiiSpeak Support


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Feb 7, 2007
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I don't know if someone else posted this or not so plz dont flame me if it was already posted.

Developers like the idea of it for Western versions.

Excited for the localized release of Monster Hunter 3 Tri? Capcom are considering turning that excitement up a notch.

Speaking to Spanish site Revogamers (via GoNintendo), producer Tsujimoto Ryozo revealed that Capcom has considered a few additions to the non-Japanese versions.

We love the idea of voice chat and we know that it is a minimum for Western players.

Minimum maybe on other consoles, but for Wii gamers it seems to be an underused treat. It's still undecided on whether or not it'll be used. Another thing Capcom hasn't decided on yet are any costs for online play; let's hope they decide against those.

Either way, kudos to Capcom for (thinking about) continuing to enhance their games for non-Japanese release. Keep your peepers pointed at Nintendo Life for further updates as they happen.

heres the link