Monster Hunter 3 may have online costs


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Jan 26, 2009

On August 1, Monster Hunter 3 goes on sale in Japan. From 10am on that same day, Monster Hunter 3's network service becomes active.

There are a couple free deals that let players test out the online feature for either 20 or 90 days, but beyond that, players will need to pony up cash for "Hunting Tickets." A 30 day ticket costs 800 Wii Points, a 60 day ticket for 1,500 Wii Points and a 90 day ticket for 2,000 Wii Points.
WOW! Well this game has a pretty big American fan base a pretty huge loyal following. However in the end the key to success on the Wii (For real game companies making "real" games) is remaining open to those middle gamers, the ones who aren't hardcore, or casual. I really don't see many middle gamers picking up this title due to the fact that you have to pay for it monthly.
Lol, yeah, paying monthly is gonna put a lot of people off. Assuming you'd pay for a full year, you'd have to pay $80 o_o. But meh, at least that game is fun.
If it was like Runescape it would have been better. Having an area where any player can hang out and having an area where only paying members can hang out.
i dont like playing online with people any way. RARELY does it live up to the hype on any game. i like to play with others in the same room.

but this game is going to be AWESOME even offline. i LOVE LOVE LOVE monster hunter...CAN'T WAIT!!!
I will probably buy the game and see for myself if a go online or stay offline
apparently it's 30 days free