Monsters vs. Aliens / moving platform section


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Jun 28, 2009

We are trying to get the Missing Link past the moving platforms section, but cannot figure it out ... double jump gets us to the first floating platform. How do we get to the next .... ?

The Dr. Cockroach instructions says that there is a switch we need to turn on to get the plaforms working to pass the abbys .... but where is the switch ?

Any help would be deeply appreciated by my 7 years old ...

Thank you,
Try googling Monsters vs Aliens walkthrough, find the place in the walkthrough your up to and it should have what your looking for.
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Thanks for the advice. I did as recommended, signed up and downloaded the walkthrough from, and I am struggling to find what I need there and will keep doing so .... however, if anybody has a quick-solution, I would appreciate it ...

Thank you,
I had a quick search on google and couldn't get anything with is weird. What level are you playing? The Missing Link is one of the characters right?, is there anyway to swap charters?, maybe you need to use a different character to get past this part. Its strange that you cant find what your looking for in the walkthrough you downloaded.

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