more "M" games for Wii


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Feb 15, 2009
why does Nintendo NOT make more matuer games for wii OR maybe the problem isnt gamers need M games but more realistic and more detailed in graphics games less of this CARTOONISH stuff n more life to the games.

like make an adventuer game not to cpoy the game folklore but Nintendo should make more games with those kind of graphics plz tell me if im wrong THAT wii has some very ciddyish titles and short silly mini game filled yes fun but younger audience example i baught mario kart wii NEVER PLAY it

plz relpy NO OFFENSE TOO NINTENDO I LUV tht company but its gettin relly hard to find games.
I own both a wii and 360 because shooting games are just more fun with a standard controller. I don't like shooting with motion controlls its to not focused on a taget