Mortal Combat !!??


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Mar 19, 2007
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Hey just read this in the game blurb for mortal combat pre orders;

'All-New Customized Kreate-A-Fighter Mode: For the first time ever in a Mortal Kombat game players will be able to use a Kreate-A-Fighter feature to create and define their fighter’s look, abilities and personality with a deep level of customization and take that unique fighter online. '

does any one know detail of this? kinda suggests to me that it may be online...?
Online is a no go for MK on the wii. Ed Boon said nintendo's wifi set up for the wii wasn't ready in the period of development it would of been needed for. I'm really looking forward to the konquest mode in the game since its suppose to be like shaolin monks. Considering Shaolin Monks to me was like a Mortal Kombat themed God of War.
This sounds really to me as long as online doesn't have bonus stuff I'm fine with it