Am I Losing Friends?
Aug 8, 2006
Wii Online Code
ANyone HEard Of This? Apparently, You Can Make Your Own 2-D Fighting Game(i.e. DBZ, Mario, Pokemon, Nauto, etc.):shocked:

Does Anyone Have A Link To Download A Mugen Creator Or SOmething?:wtf:

Then We Can Post Our Games On Here!:crazy:


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No... I'm Guessing Like 6 Years?

I Just Never Heard Of It Until I Went On Youtube Today!

I Know... I'm Stupid...:lol:

Soooooo... Do You...Like...Have It... Or SOmething? :lol:
no... i use mac anyway

i use to have gamemaker, a similar game, i can probably give you a download link if i search for it
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Gamemaker? Or MugeN...Maker... Thingy?
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Cool! Got It!... Now I Just Need To Learn How To Use It!

man gamemaker sucks ass i used it, well tryied using it i made full games but damn it sucks, and it is NOT like mugen AT ALL mugen is easier i made 2 full original games and orig. char and stages AND music very fun..
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The Site WHere I'm Supposed To Download The Mugen Thing Is Temporarily Down...

BTW: Gamemaker Screws With My Mind!!!
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... And That Related To Thet Topic How, ~Marisa~?
Hmm thes been a /r/ on my site for Michael Jackson (moonwalker) sprite for it

Any one know if it exists