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Mar 10, 2009
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Blah blah blah spam

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He said he needed a thread, and he made a ****ing thread. hoss
Already joined =]

"Outstanding Marines.... Out F#cking Standing!.... We kicked ass!"

^^^^^ We hear that quite a lot :L
Sorry, i will truly stop, my friend doesnt understand, so he logs onto my Wii Chat profile and does this -_- haa but to Boz... AYE we do get that alot :D
Rate my signature :)

Hello everyone, I made a new Graffiti Style Signature for myself

What ya think?
It's very... simple...

Plus, we have a thread for this
Yo, i posted something on your website, i'm -ATPH- i'm really good and i'd reeeeeeeally like to be in the Ninja clan. I'm first pestige level 30 something for the rest of the info look at your website.
The Mystical Ponies


My thread got 'jacked
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Fine then ban me. Im never on here anyway, the only reason i came on here was because i got something from my email saying i have a message. If your hurt because of a harmless little post then fine, ban me. i dont care.