My Wii continues to Default to 480i


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Jun 22, 2009
Hello everyone I am new to the forums and I have an issue that I have been searching for for a while and have not had any luck. I have my Wii hooked up through a RadioShack powered component switch box, along with my PS3 and Dish Network box. My Wii from time to time, I'm not sure exactly how often cause the kids use it much more than I do, will switch on its own from the 480P setting to 480i. Does anyone have any idea why it does this? I have a hunch that it has to do with the fact that if you unplug the component cable it will reset to 480i as I have had to do this before, if that is the case is there any way to turn it off or will I just have to keep changing it every time I play it?

I'm pretty sure that if there's no component cable hooked up, it reverts back to 480i, because when you have composite cables plugged into it, the 480p option is blacked out.
If you unplug the compenet cables and the system turns on without it, it will revert back to 480i. As long as the compenet cables are in you should be fine. Then again, why are you unpluging the compenet cables? You mention you have a switch box so why do you unplug it?
i think it "technically" gets unplugged (from the tv, not the wii) when you switch from one device to another, that's why it is reverting back. i dont know if it makes a difference.

try plugging the wii straight into the tv (hopefully you have more than 1 component input). see if it reverts back or not. if i get some motiviation to get up, i will try it myself.