NBA on Wii?


King K.Rool
Aug 8, 2006
Perth, Australia
Wii Online Code
I'm just wondering will there be NBA live 07 on the wii? because i know that madden 07 is coming out. EA usuaully likes to spread there games so i think they will but if anyone has information please tell me.
OMG, OMG im soo excited! NBA man, that is the real shiz nit! imagine moving your hands just like shooting a ball!
Or dribbling the controller (hope there tuff)
lol icetrash, some bird crapped on u today!ol I wish i could have seen it...., nBA is gonna rock, it says in the article that they dont no if it will have live enabled but i reckon they should!
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shut up m7ticalm..... but anyway nba will be good on the wii no matter what... i have faith in it
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your changing the topic! so yeh if anyone has any more information of NBA on the wii post here =)