Need for speed nitro, good or diaster?


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Nov 11, 2007
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They are making a need for speed exclussivly to ds and wii. The question is, Is it sutible for it. For the ds i highly dought it (comparing to the other need for speeds for ds) but the wii still has a chance. There is a rumor that there may be online but is there free roam. That is the question every need for speed fan asks when a nfs game comes out. I am pretty sure it doesnt but i think ill need some more info. Think this game is good, we will just have to wait and see.
im worried too. i want it to be a great game but im not sure just yet.

i DO KNOW that it will use wii motion plus. thats wonderful news
Don't waste your time in this poor racing game. When the developers try to make the MOST REALISTIC RACING GAMES, EA tries the contrary making a cartoonish style game for the Wii. Even the same EA does the xbox360/ps3 version most realistic, this is how they DESTROY a very good franchise, the same happens with Madden 2010 and now with Fifa 2010. They try the famous Art style over the realism, again this only works for some franchises NOT FOR ALL. This changes are cortesy of one man, you know how is...
Mr. Peter Moore, he was asked in a interview what console he choices to play Madden and them he respond: Frankly if I want to play Madden I only play this game on the xbox360. What he means: he anyways try to piss the Wii game versions in favor the xbox360 versions, watered down the three EA franchises on the Wii. Remember, before he represented EA Sports he was coming from Microsoft.

The only and the best racing game on the Wii is:


And any racing game to date on the Wii can't be compared
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