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Ok, i have got a .cue and .bin files. I know Nero can burn .cue files onto a DVD. The .cue contains a movie (if i said that correctly). But, im not sure how to get it to burn. I tried a way before, here's what i done:

started Nero smart start, then went to favourites and clicked "Make your own DVD-Video"

a new window showed, then i mounted the .cue image with Alcohol 120%, and imported it into Nero, followed the next steps, next, next, then burn. However it was burning really slow (the speed the video normally plays)

i know Nero can burn much faster, and 8x faster is the optimal speed to burn at. will someone please tell me how to burn my movies faster?

also, on my PC where it shows some specs, it says "4x DVDRW Multi" does this mean i cant burn with Nero at 8x faster?

I would appreciate your help.
open up nero, close the wizard thing that pops up, and goto Recorder -> Burn image, and locate/select your .cue file.

Click OK, then Burn.

voila :)
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okay, opened Nero burning ROM, went to recorder>burn image (im using Nero 7), then i selected the cue file, then a menu called burn compilation came up and on the drop down menu i can choose CD or DVD, seeing as im burning a DVD i choose DVD right?
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when i double click the .cue image, this comes up:


i dunno what to do, but even if i choose DVD, then click new, it crashes.

it does open nero burning rom, but this always comes up.