New Games Week of March 15


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Jan 27, 2009
Another pretty good week...

Crayola Colorful Journey - March 17 - $29.99
No Cover
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Marble Saga: Kororinpa - March 17 - $29.99

The sequel to Kororinpa: Marble Mania, Marble Saga: Kororinpa is full of new levels for gamers to explore, 4-person multiplayer gameplay, tons of customization features, the ability to connect and compete online and the use of the Wii Balance Board as features. Unique features in Marble Saga: Kororinpa allow fun customization for players. From designing the ball with attributes to helping players navigate through stages easier, to Miis and preset fun images, to an Edit Mode which allows for custom design of a unique stage, gamers can really make this entertaining experience their own. For a more competitive tone, a 4-person multiplayer mode allows players to compete with three other opponents on the same map as each races to the finish line. For more customization and group fun with others, the Wii Connect 24 feature allows gamers to share the unique stages they created with their friends or to receive extra stages from Hudson after the game's launch via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Additionally, Wi-Fi Leaderboards let players compete online against each other to see who can navigate through the world the fastest.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 - March 17 - $49.99

The 2009 installment of the award-winning sports franchise brings a raft of extensive new additions that will further bridge the gap between PES and the real thing. PES 2009 for Wii boasts three control methods, with the intuitive 'point and drag' interface of last year's game enhanced to make defending and shooting more instinctive. The Wii game also marks the introduction of the Master League, which places the player in charge of a lowly team and charges them with building their reputation and success through astute signings, good on-field performances and training methods. PES 2009 also has a greatly improved online mode, with up to eight players competing online at once, using two consoles and with four players per Wii console.

Ready 2 Rumble Revolution - March 17 - $39.99

The hilarious Ready 2 Rumble franchise flexes its muscles for its major, star-studded return to the ring. Bringing the franchise to Wii for the first time, the game retains all the knockout features of best-sellers Ready 2 Rumble Boxing Round 1 and Round 2, while delivering a knockout punch of style and attitude. Tailored to take advantage of the motion-controlled realism of Wii, Ready 2 Rumble Revolution makes landing a punch more fun than ever. Virtual heavyweights can fight from the backstreet gym all the way to the big Las Vegas showdown with vivid new visuals bringing the five spectacular ring environments to life. The arcade experience is made even better thanks to advanced Artificial Intelligence allowing more strategic fights.

Rune Factory: Frontier - March 17 - $49.99

From the creators of Harvest Moon and Rune Factory for the DS comes the first installment of Rune Factory for a home console. In Rune Factory Frontier, you play as Laguna, who's starting life in a completely new land. Your goal is to build up your village in classic Harvest Moon style (Rune Factory is an offshoot of that series), attracting new residents, and eventually earning the affections of some possible marriage targets. Developed exclusively for Wii, Rune Factory: Frontier features stunning graphics and takes full advantage of the Wii's unique controls to fully immerse players in the Rune Factory universe. Rune Factory: Frontier incorporates an open-ended structure that allows players to choose the type of game they wish to experience. Whether it’s growing crops, expanding the town, fighting (or befriending) monsters or even falling in love, the experience is unique to each player.

Super PickUps - March 17 - $29.99

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i still cant believe that you couldn't get a cover for pes09 wii!
id by pes09 for sure as long as it has wii speak capability.
PES 2009 is a must buy. It'll be the ultimate soccer/football game on any console.

Rune Factory: Frontier also looks great, hopefully I can find some spare cash to pick it up too.

The rising standards of games on the Wii is clear to see. Last year we were lucky to get one decent game a month but this year they are coming weekly in pairs!
Rune Factory looks alright and PES08 was alright last year so maybe the new one will be too.

Still, too much of my money is tied up in games coming out this week..
i would have thought htat wii speak ran independant of the game and can be used at any time within a game or not.

thats how it shoudl have been done anywya
i would have thought htat wii speak ran independant of the game and can be used at any time within a game or not.

thats how it shoudl have been done anywya

The Wii can't work like that. When you run a game, it completely shuts down the front end, so that the game has complete direct access to all hardware and processing power. This is why Wii Speak functionality has to be programmed into the game itself, and old games can not retroactively use it.