new pokemon game on wii!!!!

Here's the in-game footage from Iwata's conference, the quality isnt all that great though.

They need to Stop with these turn based pokemon games! That or make a 3d rpg one. Im not too much of a pokemon fan anymore but i think it would be awesome if they just made a 3D pokemon game and when you go into battle you physicly control your pokemon, It would be so cool especially fighting trainer and gym leaders b/c it would require alot more skill and be much more interactive.
I have to say I'm not buying the Wii to play a Pokemon Stadium 2 with better graphics, wheres the controller support :confused: where's the innovation? All I see is that you can summon 2 pokemon "ZOMG" and the environment is somewhat destructive. No tactics at all it's still a glorified rock paper scissors game, I mean there we have it again, lightning beats water and that psychic beam beat the other water type, wow never seen that before. the matches are short and pointless and you have no relation to the characters.

Unless I've missed something...but this is I doubt it.

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