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Feb 22, 2009
Hello everybody,

I bought the Wii for my g/f as her Valentines gift. I wanted to a PS3 because I thought Wii was just a stupid console, but after playing several time, I've found out that I was wrong. It is an awesome family console.

Now, I am looking to get more games for it so our kids, my g/f and I can have more fun. During a a Google search, I found this site. So, here I am.

I read about unlimited wii download site. Does anyone have any experience with this site? Is it worth it?

Thank you in advance for your responses.
Hey, welcome to Wiichat GusGus! Hope you enjoy the forums.

Stray away from the unlimited download sites whenever you see them, they're scams as there's no such thing as a nintendo-liscened website of that sort. Even if you do get unlimited downloads, it's completely illegal, and has good odds of "bricking" your Wii, or in other words causing it to have a huge malfunction. It should be unable to play games after that, so.. nobody would want that. :lol:

Normally I'd point you in the direction of our "What game should I get?" thread, but due to a site malfunction, it's gone.. Or atleast, I can't find it. Maybe someone else can help you there.

Anyways, if you havn't read the rules yet, would you mind doing so? Thanks!
What's swinging Gus? Welcome to WiiChat. As CK said above me, certainly stay away from so called "unlimited Wii downloads" websites. Scams and illegal, best off buying the games. Anyway, enjoy your Wii and the forums!
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Thanks guys. I did a research on the site about the unlimited download thing, and I realized it was a bad idea. So, now I am looking for new and better games to get.

I've got two kids. So, I'm prolly going to get something for the kids too. I was thinking about Diego since the oldest likes Dora and Diego and the other one can't even think about playing yet lol.

The other game I'm thinking of is Zelda! They've got Resident Evil 4 on sale for $19.99 at bestbuy so I'm getting that too.

I was looking a We Ski to use the Wii Fit board, but I'm not sure about it yet.

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