New Wii, Gamecube game error on progressive scan


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May 21, 2009
Hello everyone.

Last week I decided to purchase a Nintendo Wii and bought several gamecube games that related to the new Wii games that provoked my original system purchase. I haven't owned a Nintendo system since the original Super Nintendo and rather confused at my current problem. I recently bought Mario Galaxies, Mario Kart Wii, and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, which all work perfect on my new game system. Before I wanted to jump in the Metroid world again, I thought I should play the previous Prime titles, so I ordered used copies of Prime 1 & 2 from EBgames.

I'm using a 32" HDTV setup with component cables, wireless gamecube controller and running in widescreen 480p resolution. When I place the Metroid Prime:1 (or) 2 disc into the Nintendo Wii.. it will do a "progressive scan: [yes] or [no]" then immediately error. In order to remove the disc I must turn the power off and remove it at the Wii menu screen.

I'd really like to enjoy these old titles, would anyone have any suggestions? I've tried to reset the resolution to 480i and still received the error. I haven't received my wired adapter to connect to the internet, so I cannot update the system's BIOs or anything.

Thank you for your responses.
I cant help you with your problem but its a shame you bought 1&2 because there re-releasing both of them under the -New Play Control- range for Wii, Basically identical to the gamecube games but with the new Wii Controls.
I know im going to buy them when there released.