New zelda videos

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Dunno, looked like you were flying as a bird grabbing onto you with it's feet.
Jeez! This is one game that I cant wait for. Which in turn will probably destroy my life because I wont move from the TV when I get it. :lol:
Saw these vids earier, they really do look amazing. The flying gave me shivers I was so excited. Haha.

I don't know how this game keeps getting better and better everytime I see it, yet it does.
the "awesome gaming montage" was awesome indeed.

1 - what the **** was the dragon??
2 - wolf eyes are awesome! are those ghosts?
3 - did you see the enemy's armor fall off as link beat them?
4 - snowy hyrule looks awesome!
I cant wait to get that. I want to experience the controls aswell(I am sure this is the most innovative controller yet-- stating the obvious)