Next-gen Jedi Force powers from Lucas Arts


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Jul 7, 2006
With Lucas Arts' Previous press releases on thier intrests in exploring on the Wii with thier Next-Gen physics engine comes the possibility of some very cool effects utilizing the Wii-mote. Possibly the most intriguing of all is the thought of using the wii mote for free-control Jedi "Force Powers". This test Video of the new Euphoria physics engine being put to the test on some Storm Troopers demonstrates just exactly what it can do.
Watch the Magic Here
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I hope the game will be like it is on the trailer! I don't want another 1st person Star Wars game, it is just too gimmicky. We already have red steel for 1st person melee combat. I really am looking forward to a fresh Star Wars experience, and I hope Lucas Arts delivers.
lol, wat is the point of having a weapon if you can use your force powers and your electricity coming out of your fingers power. If Mace Windu did that in the third star wars film and stopped wasting time talking to darth siddious there would have been no need for a revolution. I blame the whole galaxy's demise on him:) :lol: :lol:
maybe they will offer something like the power glove for the wii. control the lightning and choke:D:lol:
Impressive, I can see it already. A Star Wars game for the Wii.