NFS carbon

As I said... I steer with the nunchuck and it has my e-brake (by pulling it up) and the team activate...
I use the Wii mote for throttle/brake (tilt 45 degree angle - works really well) the time slow down and nitro...
It is one of the last set ups in the menue to change controls.
It is what works best for me...
How many setups are there for controls? I'm sure I'll find one that I really like. Is the game as hard as some people make it out to be? I think thats a good thing as long as its not insanely hard. Is Multiplayer 2 people with several computers? Cuz if so then thats great cuz when I found out Excite Truck was ONLY 2 humans and no one else I was pissed off since I really wanted it but knew it would be a waste of money (at least IMO).
The nunchuk is there for one of two reason:

To either be used to play with the analog stick or to be used to twist sideways to apply the e-brake depending on how far it is twisted left or right. Other than that, nothing really. I wish they would have allowed a Gamecube steering wheel because I bought one that has a gear shift lever (that actually shifts, not a fake one). I loved playing Forza with it (it's a universal, PS2,X Box, GCube) and Underground 2 on GCube. I think developers need to realize that the cube controller ports are still there.
I switched my controls to option 4 and did that make a difference. I loved this game but it was a little too short. i beat it in under 12 hours. I got it to add to the collection.